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"Before I met Angela, I had big dreams for my future but didn't know how to make them a reality. Throughout the recode and the lenses process Angela has helped me to acknowledge what has subconsciously been holding me back and allowed me to break free from any résistance that I had felt. With Angela’s guidance I was able to visualise my longer, goals and construct plans that will enable me to achieve them. I highly recommend this process as I now feel focussed and driven."

Hollie Quinn

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"I was feeling stuck in a situation and Angela took me through a simple yet powerful process that helped me to recognise where I am and where I want to be. This gave me the clarity of what is in the way and stopping me from having what I want. We then did a recode session together and afterwards I felt much lighter and able to move forward. Something within my mind has shifted and I know with certainty that my situation is changing and I now understand the steps I need to take to make this happen. I would truly recommend Angela and her authentic happiness coaching, her work is transformational."

Sam Lyndley

Crystal, Chakras & Essential oils workshops - Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have met this wonderful Arian. The timing of meeting Angela was incredible. It’s as if she was sent in to my life when I was truly really ready to meet her. I have learnt so much which has helped me to grow even further in my journey."


Coaching programme - Very much an enjoyable experience. Angela makes you feel very welcome from the moment you meet. I opened up very naturally to her and she is fantastic at what she does! I went with a completely open mind and the experience was very invigorating. Highly recommended!"


'Retreat Days'

Absolutely lovely - thank you so much'.

'I felt lots of emotions releasing'

'I feel energised and would love to do it again'

I want more of this 10 for everything'

'Please can you do a weekend retreat'

'I feel like everything is possible now, I am positive and happy about my future'

'Absolutely amazing, I have never experienced anything like this before'

'More dance please'

'Re-Coding was so powerful'

'I've learned lots of tips & techniques that will stand me in good stead'

Coaching Programme - Angela was an inspiration to me. I was a business support Manager and didn’t have any confidence in my ability to progress or step up to the next level, but this all changed when I met Angela. Angela has this innate ability to inspire you to realise your potential. I admire her for her professionalism, extensive broad knowledge and integrity. "

Kwesi Afful

5 Elements of Authentic Happiness Workshop - I have read a lot of content around holistic therapies, coaching and transformation techniques and Angela is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in her approach and offers amazing insight and explanations of techniques/approaches which relates to your individual situation. I would highly recommend her services or just having a conversation with her about any of these topics if you require further insight or understanding. You will not be disappointed"


5  Elements of Authentic Happiness Workshop -I attended the  workshop. It was so inspiring and I got to recognise the blocks that have been holding me back.  A must for those that want to reach their full potential.

Kerry Wilson


 5 Elements of Authentic Happiness Workshop - I took part in the workshop. It was fantastic.  Angels enthusiasm is infectious and the delivery of the material was just right.

Really engaging, very powerful and definitely  made a positive impact on me.


‘I didn’t really know what to expect but I was blown away. The entire call was packed with value and I was left with a clear action plan to move forward. I finally understand why I don’t always reach my goals and have learnt to reframe them in a way that works. Angela knows what she is talking about and takes the time to share her knowledge in a friendly and inspiring way.’ 



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