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 Retreat Day

If you are feeling like you are stuck, frustrated, lost or storing and suppressing negative emotions this weekend retreat will leave you firmly aligned to your soul's desire. You will leave energised and ready to take inspired action and would have aligned to manifesting the life of your dreams.

Take some time out for you, with like minded people where we get back to nature in this beautiful glamping site in Long Melford.

During that weekend you will:

❤️Find your identity.

❤️Make new friends with like-minded people, in a safe, secure space where you can feel free to respectively express yourself.

❤️Open your heart energy centre to allow love to flow, so you can leave empowered to take inspired action. ❤️Enhance feelings of relaxation, lift your mood and help release your serotonin levels (happy hormones)

❤️️Release any deep-seated energy blocks that are stopping you from progressing

❤️You will leave with a sense of appreciation for who you are, where you’ve come from and revaluate where you are going

❤️Feel joyous, happy, with a sense of belonging, and focus for a future that excites you.

It's not enough to just want something.

Activities include

Guided meditations for heart activation, connection and release.

Chakra Dancing

Cacao Ceremony


Sound Bath

Sunset fire pit gatherings

If you would like a payment plan - please contact me to discuss.

Please note that Bobz the Therapy Dog (French Bulldog) may be present on the day. 

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