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Welcome. I am so excited that you are taking a step towards finding your own authentic happiness.


I am so excited that you are taking a step towards finding your own authentic happiness.

I had everything, or so I thought.


What I discovered was a lack of balance and order in my life. I had spent years doing what I was expected to do. What I had been programmed to do.


And don't get me wrong , I excelled. I had money, holidays, cars. But what I didn't have was happiness. It didn't matter what I achieved , it never felt like it was enough. 

I spent my time people pleasing and feeling as if I had to constantly prove myself. I was driven by the need to make the point that I am worthy and that I am good enough, as if I was broken?!


I was constantly striving. BUT, I was successful in the eyes of society. My friends stuck me on a pedestal because against all adversity I was a high achiever. 

I then entered into a spiritual war. A war with the darkness that nearly destroyed me. It fed on every vulnerability I had. It found the chinks in my armour and completely depleted my life. I was 3 mortgage payments away from being homeless, I gained 2.5 stone in weight, and I went from a bright, optimistic women, to one that didn't know if she would wake up the next day. I felt anxious all of the time, totally useless and for the very first time in my life, I felt inadequate. And then I rediscovered the light.


A glimmer of hope shining right inside of me. I grabbed that light with all of my soul, and I nurtured it daily until I was able to break free from the darkness and find not just myself, but my internal happiness.

My mission now is to help everyone to shine their light from within.

Through sound, essential oils, meditation, retraining in the art of energy healing and spiritual coaching I remembered how to honour myself, not just as a woman, but as a soul, spirit and human being.  Chakra dancing has become my new go to, and I hold regular classes to help increase the serotonin levels through freedom of self-expression.


My 5 Elements of Authentic Happiness programme that helps you find YOU and what truly makes you happy, taking inspired action, that will light that fire in your belly.


I developed the 5 Elements of Authentic Happiness programme based on my professional qualifications, my personal journey, and the experience I have gained working with my clients to help them achieve balance and find their authentic happiness.

I can help you too.

WHY do I do it?

I believe that our past doesn't define our future and that each one of us has the right to live a life they love regardless of the circumstances. I am passionate about helping people have that identity shift. It's magical.

HOW do I do it

We set your vision and life plan based on true choices, unplug resistance, dissolve self limitation , discover the art of being authentically happy right now and shift you into the new identity so you can take inspired action towards your desired goals.

WHY it works.

I use techniques such as NLP, hypnotherapy, neuro emotional meditations and recode (based on neuroscience) creating fast long lasting change.

WHERE you have seen me.

Spirit & Soul magazine as a contributor

Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Author of reclaim your personal power

Authority magazine

FEM magazine

Podcast: Jackie grant - We Grant Fitness

Neil Ball - The Entrepreneurial Way

Prestige award winner - Holistic therapist of the year 2022 for Authentic happiness coaching

If you are ready to ditch the drama and get results, book in a complementary 30 minutes call to see how my programme can help you.  

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Authentic Happiness

Guiding you Step by Step through the 5 elements of Authentic Happiness

  • True Choices - let go of goals created by others expectations, external validation and wanting to 'prove' yourself.

  • Create a structure that supports your growth.

  • Be authentically happy now - all that exists is now, cherish it, be grateful for it and live your life in the moment, fully appreciating everything you are and everything that you have , even when you haven't attained your goals yet.

  • Unplug, Recode, Rewire - You cannot become the person you want to be, by being the person you are.

  • Take Aligned action - walk on the path to your true goal

Your Authentic Happiness Coach

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